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Starting and stopping a VM using Azure Automation - 9/9/2015
There have been some people already who have blogged about Azure automation of Virtual Machines.
For my use case I needed a slightly different set up, so here is my use of Azure Automation.
My development machine is a Windows 10 Azure D3 VM which is running in my MSDN subscription.

Deploy ASP.NET 5 to an Azure Web App using Visual Studio Online - 9/5/2015
When I was building this website, I wanted it to automatically deploy from VSO to my Azure Web App.
Since this website has been build with ASP.NET 5 (currently using beta 5) i couldn't just simply use the default stuff in VSO.
I found this great article by the VS ALM guys that discribe how(...)

Multiple Matching Tokens - 9/2/2015
Recently every time I tried to connect to Azure in the Visual Studio Server Explorer I kept getting this Multiple Matching Tokens error.
Trying to reconnect always gave me the Already Signed In message.
Selecting either the Remain signed in or Sign out and sign in with a different account (...)